Sarita Flores

Background: I was the only person of color in my entire elementary school save for my sister and brother. I always felt too poor or not white enough to hang out with those around me. I also didn't speak Spanish fluently and in middle school when I was introduced to a group of Latinos, I couldn't speak Spanish so I was shy with them too. I learned to speak more through art, literature, and music and connected with people mostly through those avenues.
Please share one of your most memorable moments in education: My most memorable moment teaching was the way my 3rd grade Latina student looked at me as we stepped on stage for multicultural night. We were all dressed up in traditional Mexican dresses and we were about to get on stage to dance. The way she looked at me was with pure admiration and love. I will never forget how my students have made me become a better person as a whole.
Please share one of your most challenging moments in education: Teaching middle school for the first time this year. I applaud teachers that teach middle school full-time. I am still getting the hang of handling behaviors of older students.
How do you stay inspired in your job? My students inspire me every day. I learn so much about my student's lives and it helps me to change my perspectives and stay well-rounded. I also just LOVE learning with my students and I am a lifelong learner!
What kind of supports do you need with education technology? Access to resources for my students and myself is super important. I love working with other educators to learn about new ways to integrate technology into everything I am doing with my students.