Melissa Lim

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Photo: @MarkWagner
Background: After receiving my Master of Arts in Teaching, I began my education career In Vancouver Public Schools in Vancouver, WA as an elementary classroom teacher. After six years and wanting to stay closer to home, I transferred to Portland Public Schools as a grades 4/5 teacher. I left that classroom mid-year to take the job that I currently have as a Learning, Teaching & Technology Specialist. I support professional learning and the integration of technology and curriculum, for leadership, district staff and classroom settings. I work out of the Information Technology department and that allows me to apply and contribute a classroom lens to the many technology-related initiatives in our district. I've worked in education for 25 years!
Please share one of your most memorable moments in education: One of my most memorable moments in education occurred when I was asked to serve on the Oregon Edtech Professional Development Cadre Leadership Team after having been a participant for several years. The Cadre is a network of educators from districts and ESDs across the state designed to improve the practice of effective professional development with technology. Being on this team started my journey into leadership: continually building capacity with my own leadership skills and developing effective teaching practices for adults through providing professional learning opportunities.
Please share one of your most challenging moments in education: One of my most challenging moments in education continues to be the lack of people of color in my local education technology spaces. This challenge became the basis for my Google Certified innovator project and motivated me to create this website and work toward a solution in my community.
How do you stay inspired in your job? Using social media has helped me develop a personal and professional learning network of friends and colleagues in the US and abroad. It's helped me continue my own learning around teaching and technology, emerging trends, ideas to try and resources to share. I also coordinate several other learning events, like edcampPDX and Teachers in Bars Getting Coffee (informal edu meetup) that provide opportunities for people to connect and share knowledge with others.
What kind of supports do you need with education technology? Continuing to have spaces for conversations around learning, teaching and technology and the time to explore and play.